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 AOL Moviefone Unveils the Ultimate Movie Star as Created by Real Moviegoers

Taken from the Storyline of New Line Cinema's Simone, Moviegoers Selected Features from the World's Most Beautiful Women to "Build the Ultimate Actress"

August 2002 (Newstream) --

WHAT: Much like Al Pacino does in Simone, the new film from New Line Cinema, real moviegoers created their version of the "Ultimate Actress" on By voting for features from Hollywood's most glamorous actresses, movie fans spoke out on what their dream star would look like - and today showed them!

Each day, moviegoers were asked to select a feature from some of entertainment's most beautiful women, which would be used to create the ultimate actress. Here's how they voted:

Julia Roberts 30.6%
Cameron Diaz 24.1%
Catherine Zeta-Jones 23.6%
Nicole Kidman 14.5%
Penelope Cruz 7.3%

Jennifer Lopez 34%
Catherine Zeta-Jones 25.8%
Angela Bassett 17.8%
Michelle Pfeiffer 16.8%
Sharon Stone 5.5%

Catherine Zeta-Jones 54.3%
Jennifer Connelly 30.8%
Heather Graham 7.3%
Penelope Cruz 4.4%
Salma Hayek 3.1%

Tea Leoni 39.2%
Jennifer Lopez 27.6%
Meg Ryan 16.5%
Penelope Cruz 14.5%
Kirsten Dunst 2.2%

Angelina Jolie 32.7%
Halle Berry 21.6%
C. Zeta Jones 23.1%
Julia Roberts 18.9%
Cameron Diaz 3.6%

WHERE: To take a look at what moviegoers' ultimate actress would look like, go to or AOL Keyword: Simone.

WHEN: Moviegoers cast their votes for how to "Build the Ultimate Actress" from August 18 through August 22. The image of the ultimate actress can be seen on beginning on August 23.

Simone, starring Al Pacino, opens in theaters nationwide on August 23.

AboutSimone: A contemporary satire of Hollywood, Simone is the story of a disillusioned director, played by Al Pacino, who creates the first totally believable synthetic actress. However, swept up by her instant success, including a major singing career, the producer cannot bear to admit his fraud to the world or himself. The film is written and directed by Andrew Niccol and also stars Catherine Keener, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jason Schwartzman and Jay Mohr.

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