Emmy Winning News Anchor and Diane Sawyer Dishes on Oxygen's "Conversations From the Edge with Carrie Fisher" on Sunday, September 8 at 10:00 PM September 2002 (Newstream) -- Veteran news anchor and current "Good Morning America" co-host Diane Sawyer is the latest guest to be featured on Oxygen's "Conversations From The Edge with Carrie Fisher" on Sunday, September 8 at 10:00 p.m. In the episode premiere, Sawyer confesses her love of musical theater, her self professed childhood awkwardness, and her experiences as a female reporter in Kabul.

Asked by Fisher about her experiences in Afghanistan, particularly the restrictive burka that she was required to wear, Sawyer reports, "one size tended to fit most. They weigh about 13-14 pounds. I thought I was anonymous under my burka but of course I'm banging into light poles and stumbling on the curbs. If I hula'ed down the main street in Kabul I couldn't have been more apparent!"

She also discusses her work with former President Richard Nixon, his resignation, and the swiftness with which she witnessed him go from being the most important person in the world in one moment to an ordinary one in the next. "On resignation day I flew away with Nixon - there we are the little planet of disgrace flying away to California and we land and the very first thing that happens is that we get caught in traffic. In one coast there were motorcades and the waters were parting and on the other coast you are stuck in traffic!"

On a lighter note, Sawyer reveals her so-called childhood "geekiness" and her deep love of show tunes, "I would love to do all the innocent girl parts of all the musical comedies...'She Loves Me,' if I could've done that one...mainly that role when you really get to be winsome and cute. I never got to be winsome or cute my whole life." As a young girl, she describes herself as the "reliable" one. "I was the designated driver before you could drive. I was the designated tricycle rider...I was strange (in high school.) I was beyond geek, an extreme geek."

Hard to believe, but this former beauty queen and Kentucky native now happily married to director Mike Nichols never considered herself as pretty growing up. "I did think about boys but they really didn't think about me... I didn't get asked to the teacher tried to pay someone to take me to the prom... I'd say (she offered) $15, obviously I'd say her price was insufficient."

Executive produced by Neal Kendall, "Conversations From The Edge with Carrie Fisher," is an original weekly half-hour series for Oxygen, filmed mostly in host Fisher's living room, where she interviews her closest friends, who just happen to be some of Hollywood's most interesting and talented people. Future episodes will feature Janeane Garofalo and Jude Law. Guests previously featured include Oscar(r) winners Ben Affleck, George Lucas, Robin Williams and Diane Keaton as well as actresses Lisa Kudrow, Melanie Griffith and Courtney Love.

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