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MAD Magazine Launches Nationwide Talent Search for Irreverent Cartoonist to Join "The Usual Gang of Idiots" No Intelligence Required
July 2002 (Newstream) -- MAD Magazine has begun a nationwide search for a new cartoonist to create a monthly feature for the nation's longest-running humor magazine. Editors are seeking a visual humorist whose outlook on modern life is clever and sharp and one who doesn't mind having his reputation ruined by working for a lowlife publication like MAD.

For 40 years, MAD's mainstay, " The Lighter Side of...," poked fun at American life and its foibles. The feature's creator, Dave Berg, passed away in May. While knowing it's impossible to replace the late, great cartoonist, the editors are seeking someone who shares MAD's comedic and satiric view of our twisted society.

"We're looking for a cartoonist whose unique voice and offbeat view of the world will transform the feature into a MAD classic for a new generation," said co-editor John Ficarra. "A background in ballroom dancing is not mandatory but an obvious plus."

Similar to the "The Lighter Side" the feature to be developed will share the original's mission of commenting on contemporary culture, but with a new cast of characters and situations. The cartoonist will be selected based on the originality of his content and style, and willingness to suck up to the staff. (Holiday hams and cheese wheels are especially prized.)

For more information on how to join "the usual gang of idiots," please visit the MAD website at

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