Sex and the City Star Flaunts This Fall's Most Stylish Accessory

Kim Cattrall Wears Mustache -- Designed by Milk

August 2002 (Newstream) -- What is sexier than a strong, healthy, beautiful woman? A beautiful woman wearing a milk mustache! Kim Cattrall's character in Sex and the City may flaunt the latest trends on-camera, but off-camera Cattrall knows that not getting enough calcium is way out of style, which is why she is the latest celebrity to sport the famous white 'stache.

Cattrall's Milk Mustache ad debuts in weekly entertainment magazines on September 2. The ad features Cattrall in a little black dress and the ad copy reads: "You should see what's underneath. The calcium in milk keeps bones strong and helps prevent osteoporosis."

"Millions of people tune into Sex and the City each week to not only enjoy the show but to check out what Kim and the rest of the cast will be wearing. Kim Cattrall is a fashion role model, and through her ad we want women to see that drinking calcium rich milk, which helps build and maintain strong bones, can be a 'fashionable' -- and necessary -- part of the diet," Kurt Graetzer, CEO of the Milk Processor Education Program, said. "Bones continue to grow in density until about age 35, just three servings of milk each day provides the calcium women need to help keep bones strong and help prevent osteoporosis."

Osteoporosis -- the silent disease -- affects more than 28 million Americans each year, 80 percent of which are women. However, drinking at least three glasses of calcium-rich milk a day is an important step to build strong bones now and help prevent osteoporosis in the future.

The National Academy of Sciences recommends that women get at least 1,000 mg of calcium per day, or the equivalent of about three 8-ounce glasses of milk. Nine out of 10 women don't get enough, and that's not an attractive thought.

For women like Cattrall who are always on the go and on top of the latest trend, there are portable milk containers now available in scrumptious flavors such as mocha, caramel and chocolate malt. These trendy new flavors are certain to make any woman's taste buds tingle while helping to keep her bones strong.

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The National "got milk?" Milk Mustache Campaign is jointly funded by America's milk processors and dairy farmers: the MilkPEP Board in Washington, D.C., and Dairy Management Inc., Rosemont, Illinois. The goal of the multi-faceted campaign is to educate consumers on the benefits of milk and to raise milk consumption. A series of educational brochures is available by visiting the milk web site at Bozell New York is the creative agency for The National "got milk?" Milk Mustache Campaign.

The tagline "got milk?" was created for the California Milk Processor Board by Goodby Silverstein & Partners and is licensed by the national milk processor and dairy producer groups.