"9-10-11: A Musical Offering"

An Artistic Tribute to the Events of September 11

September 2002 (Newstream) -- Beginning at sundown on September 10, as a pre-September 11 vigil, a very special 9/11 tribute will be available on selected websites. "9-10-11: A Musical Offering" is a combination of music and visual art designed to foster a sense of renewal and replace the horrible sounds and images left by the events of September 11, 2001.

The program will feature an organ performance of J.S. Bach's "Come Sweet Death" accompanied by an online visual tribute in light. "9-10-11" will be available free of charge on websites including,,, and

The musical component of "9-10-11: A Musical Offering" is set to J.S. Bach's "Come Sweet Death" inspired by the Leopold Stokowski and Virgil Fox arrangements and played on Atlanta's Fox Theatre concert pipe organ by Larry Douglas Embury, Artist-in-Residence at Atlanta's Fox Theatre. Mr. Embury chose this piece as an apt tribute, noting, "Bach's acceptance of what every person experiences, whether tragically or under benign circumstances, can comfort the world that lost thousands of souls during the September 11 attacks."

The visual element, designed by Marshall Yaeger, will include a symbolic recreation of the missing towers formed by simulated laser lights representing the souls of people lost, and an animated mandala, a symbol of all religions representing the unity that came out of an international tragedy. Yaeger notes, "The events of 9/11 emerged from a religious war. Despite their violence, all wars attract unifying symbols. What better unifier to travel over the imperfect Internet than an ever changing mandala promising perfection." The mandala will be formed according to the symmetry of the Kaleidoplex, an optical instrument that creates a complex kaleidoscopic image.

"9-10-11: A Musical Offering" is based on an original concept for a memorial event by Tony Staffieri and will be produced by Anchor-International Foundation. "9-10-11: A Musical Offering" enjoyed its world premiere at Fox at the Fox, a popular organ concert on September 1 as part of the Virgil Fox Festival 2002.