Robert Redford Joins Reebok Human Rights Board of Advisors

Actor, Director, Activist to Participate in the Selection of 2003 Recipients of the Reebok Human Rights Award

September 2002 (Newstream) -- Paul Fireman, chairman and CEO of Reebok International Ltd. (RBK), announced on September 19 that Robert Redford has joined the Reebok Human Rights Board of Advisors. Mr. Redford, an acclaimed actor, director and producer is the founder of the non-profit Sundance Institute and has worked on environmental and other social issues for more than three decades. The Board, composed of leaders in human rights from the non-profit, arts, and corporate sectors, advises the Reebok Human Rights Programs and selects the annual recipients of the Reebok Human Rights Award.

Mr. Redford participated in the 2002 Award ceremony in Salt Lake City, presenting the Award to Maili Lama, a young Nepalese woman who rescues sex trafficking victims in Bombay, India. After the ceremony, Mr. Redford noted, "It is unlikely that anybody would look at life in quite the same way after experiencing the Reebok Human Rights Awards. The example of lives lived shake you to your core, inspire you to take on the world, and move you in ways not much else in life will. I am delighted at this opportunity to join with others on the Board to bring these heroic stories to a broader public."

"Throughout the thirteen years of the Award program, we have sought to inspire people to stand in defense of human rights by telling the stories of young heroes from around the world," said Paul Fireman, chairman and CEO of Reebok International Ltd. "Robert Redford is an exceptional man who can help us find and tell more powerful stories. His life has demonstrated a unique combination of creative genius and commitment to addressing the world's problems. While his accomplishments as an actor and a director are well known, he has done much more. He is a champion of independent film and a leading advocate for and protector of the environment. He has used his celebrity to become a true public citizen. We are honored to have him join us in our work."

The Reebok Human Rights Award recognizes young activists who, early in their lives and against great odds, have made significant contributions to the field of human rights, strictly through nonviolent means. The Award aims to generate positive international attention for the recipients and their organizations.

Honorees, who are 30 years of age and younger, receive a $50,000 grant from The Reebok Human Rights Foundation to further their work. A total of 67 men and women from 35 countries have received the Award.

Since 1989, the Reebok Human Rights Award program has annually solicited nominations from around the world. All nominations are researched, reviewed and qualified by a team of international human rights experts. A group of finalists is then presented to the Reebok Human Rights Board of Advisors, who select the four Award recipients.

Mr. Redford is joining other distinguished members of the Reebok Human Rights Board of Advisors, including:

Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States

Paul Fireman, chairman and CEO, Reebok International Ltd.

Sharon Cohen, human rights activist

Geralyn White Dreyfous, human rights activist

Peter Gabriel, musical artist

Rafer Johnson, Olympic Gold Medal Decathlete and president, California Special Olympics

Elaine Jones, director and counsel, NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund

Kerry Kennedy Cuomo, founder, Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Center for Human Rights

Li Lu, Alliance for a Democratic China & 1989 Reebok Human Rights Award recipient

Josh Mailman, president, Sirius Business Corporation

Jay Margolis, president and COO, Reebok International Ltd.

Angel Martinez, marketing consultant

Michael Posner, executive director, Lawyers Committee for Human Rights

Bryan Stevenson, executive director, Alabama Capital Representation & 1989 Reebok Human Rights Award recipient

Michael Stipe, singer/songwriter, producer and photographer

Rose Styron, poet and journalist

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