Vitimin O

 "Vitamin O" Effective in Fighting Fatigue

August 2002 (Newstream) -- Most people reach for coffee or sodas that contain caffeine when they need a boost in the middle of the day, but new research shows that exhaustion or fatigue could be due to lack of oxygen.

Pollution in many bustling cities, where many people live and work, is fraught with toxic chemicals. Urban air is tough on the respiratory system and can upset the body's delicate balance of inhaled oxygen and discharged carbon dioxide wastes. Although carbon dioxide waste is a necessary byproduct of metabolic functions, excess retention of it can slow revitalizing oxygen delivery to the brain.

"Any unusual retention of such fatigue inducing gas waste limits the body's ability to perform to its maximum potential," says John Heinerman, Ph.D., a medical anthropologist whose research has taken him to 33 countries, where he has worked with folk healers as well as top medical doctors and scientists.

Lack of oxygen in the body can cause fatigue and other deficiencies. However, by increasing the amount of oxygen taken in, humans can energize cells critical to metabolism, eliminating toxins and controlling chaotic free radicals. At the same time supplemental oxygen can relieve some common physical complaints, such as poor digestion, general muscle aches, irritability and allergies.

"Supplemental oxygen provides the body with energized oxygen molecules and trace mineral content that help counter oxygen deficiencies," says Heinerman who has conducted several studies with "Vitamin O," a supplemental oxygen that is taken in liquid form.

"Vitamin O" works by increasing blood oxygen levels and reducing accumulations of excess carbon dioxide (CO2) waste. In addition, it is the only electrically activated oxygen solution that has been clinically proven to increase blood oxygen levels when used on a consistent basis.

Tested through a randomized, double blind, blood gas analysis, study participants who took the "Vitamin O" formula experienced increased arterial blood oxygen and elevated carbon dioxide discharge. Most participants in the study reported more energy and vitality as a result from taking the product.

"Vitamin O" is produced by Rose Creek Health Products and is available at natural health food stores or through the Internet at

Dr. Heinerman has authored more than 58 books and is a regular contributor for The Herbalist, Folk Medicine Journal, Vegetarian Times, and Alternative Medicines, among others.