Hotel Gift
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 Hotel Gift Getaways Make Special (and Very Affordable) Presents

(ARA) - Put down that sweater. Step away from the perfume counter. Give a gift your loved one will enjoy and use -- a hotel mini-getaway.

As the nationís hotel industry works overtime to attract business, travelers who used to scrimp on accommodations now find they can sample the most luxurious 4-star hotels and resorts at economy prices. Depending on dates and cities, an evening at an upscale 4-star hotel can be reserved for as little as $50 to $150 -- a bargain by anyoneís standards.

Pamper that special someone with a night or weekend at one of the nationís most exclusive, upscale hotels. Hotel getaways can be booked in advance and make great gifts for special occasions, like Valentineís Day, an anniversary or a birthday. Gift-givers pay for the rooms in advance, including relevant taxes, and reserve them in the recipientís name, ready for instant, no hassle check-in.

The Internet offers the most convenient way to book a hotel gift getaway. Dozens of popular hotel booking sites let customers search by city and see both hotel availability and rates. Shoppers can stretch their savings even further by checking rates, then visiting online hotelier, where they can pick the exact type of hotel they want and name a much lower price than what they found. With hundreds of 4-star hotels and resorts available, can deliver savings of up to 50 percent or more.

All bookings are accompanied by a printable reservation receipt, which includes specific hotel information and a reservation number that the gift-giver can enclose in a gift card.

Shopping at the last minute? No problem. Hotel getaways booked on the Internet take only minutes to complete and can be reserved at the last minute. So, for an unusual and sure-to-be-appreciated gift, give a hotel getaway.

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