Kids Can Travel the World without Leaving Their Bedroom

(ARA) - Parents want to give their children every advantage in school, whether it's the right school supplies or private tutoring for a tough subject. Recent studies have shown that one area where most Americans, including students, could use improvement is in geography.

One study indicated that one out of seven Americans cannot locate the United States on a world map. Now you can give your child an edge in school with a colorful wall-sized world map mural produced by Minnesota-based Environmental Graphics.

Affordably priced at less than $140, the Executive World Map, known as the world's largest, is 8 feet, 8 inches tall and 13 feet wide. It is printed on heavy paper panels and has a dry-erase surface (one dry-erase marker is included). The map is applied to the wall much like wallpaper by following the easy instructions, which are included. The map height can be easily trimmed to fit low ceilings, and narrow walls can be accommodated by simply carrying the map over to an adjoining wall.

"Our Executive World Map makes a great addition to children's rooms," says Todd Imholte, company president. "We enjoy the idea of adding something that is educational, but still a lot of fun." He says, "Any room where the family gathers is a good location for the map, from the family room to a dining area where everyone gathers to talk about the day's news."

"Unlike wallpaper patterned with juvenile themes and cartoon characters, the benefits of the Executive World Map mural will increase as your child grows," says Imholte. "Young children like it because it's colorful. As they get older and their view of the world broadens, they become fascinated with all the detail in the map and it becomes increasingly useful for schoolwork."

Environmental Graphics is known worldwide in the decorating industry for its highly detailed photographic and painted murals. The company created the map mural with the assistance of the U.S. Department of Defense and continues to update the map yearly with the help of the CIA and Department of State.

Because of its size, the map contains an abundance of detail, including land elevations, ocean depths, shipping-lanes, time zones and more, as well as more traditional geographic information like cities and political boundaries. The topographical map (a Mercator Projection) is printed in eight colors, giving it a three-dimensional look.

"With this map in the room, you get very familiar with the world," says Nancy Webber, an instructor at West Charlotte High School in Charlotte, N. C. As chairperson of the social studies department, she's purchased several of the maps for her school district. She adds, "Even a student who has difficulty pointing out the locations of major countries can't miss them."

The Executive World Map mural is available nationwide by calling (800) SKYMALL or you can view the map online at To request a free color brochure, call Environmental Graphics at (888) 205-3485.(U.S.A.Only)

Courtesy of ARA Content