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Party without Paying in Pounds

(ARA) Holiday music is playing. Laughter fills the room. Your waistband tightens, and youíre still in the foyer by the lighted tree. The host ushers you in and your eyes zero in on the buffet.

Itís the table you hate to love -- filled with cheese blintzes, shortbread, glazed nuts and crab puffs. Then you spot the deadliest of all -- fudge. The pep talk you gave yourself an hour earlier turns into gibberish, and you head straight for the fudge and drill into it like a rivet.

Take heart. You can prepare for the holiday temptation and train for the buffet marathon before you start the race. Whatís more, you can reach the finish line without paying by the pound at the end.

The first rule of thumb is never go to a party on an empty stomach thinking the cocktail buffet is your meal for the day. This can make you succumb to the entire spread.

Despite what many think, making a meal out of party food can leave you feeling as empty as when you arrived. Thatís because party food is no substitute for good nutrition. It is a quick fix akin to lighting a sparkler. The flash gives instant gratification, but there is no fuel to sustain the afterglow.

So, donít deprive yourself all day to make a withdrawal from the calorie bank at night. Starving yourself slows your metabolism, causing you to store fat, not lose it.

Instead, replace a meal or two with an all-natural high quality protein drink, such as Almased, a multi-protein powder that, when mixed with liquid, makes a tasty shake. The protein enters your blood stream quickly, stopping that hungry feeling and giving you the energy you need to hit the party circuit and the dance floor, too.

The unique protein blend of soy and skim milk yogurt powder fermented with raw honey enzymes can keep your hunger alarm from sounding off and sending you unarmed into to the battle of the bulge.

Studies show the average person gains nearly one pound during each holiday season. Thatís the good news. Itís a little less than a pound, not the five pounds people think they gain around the holidays. The bad news is that weight stays on, so itís a pound this year, a pound next year, and another pound the next year . . . until youíre 10 or 20 pounds heavier.

So think of Almased as your ultimate holiday survival kit. Armed with Almased and the following tips, you can still partake of the holiday ritual, because you are less likely to gorge and pay the price on the scales.

Slimming Strategies for the Holidays

* Exercise a few hours before going to a big meal or party. It will boost your metabolism and your determination.

* Avoid alcohol or restrict your consumption by drinking a glass of water between alcoholic drinks.

* Build an extra work out day into each week's exercise regimen during the holidays.

* Scan the food tables and choose the lowest calorie options. Snack on raw veggies, but watch out for creamy dips and avoid the eggnog!

* Wait until other people have demolished the buffet. Itís a lot less tempting after itís been picked over.

* Take your plate and sit down to eat. Think about what youíre eating and try not to munch throughout the night.

* Always eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. Youíll feel satisfied sooner.

* Take a few days after big eating events to go on a nutritious, low-calorie diet. Substituting a high-quality protein drink such as Almased for one or two meals a day will ensure youíre getting all the protein and amino acids needed to keep your metabolism running smoothly and burning fat efficiently.

* Donít allow setbacks to permanently derail your plan. If you slip, get back on track right away.

Oops, it got away from you? Take the first two weeks of January and go on the Almased TurboDiet, a nutritious, liquid diet that can help you lose 12 to 14 pounds in two weeks. For more information go to or call (800) ALMASED (256-2733).

Courtesy of ARA Content